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The Troll King

The Troll King set icon The Troll King
(1 item) Adds 4% Healing Done
(2 items) When you heal yourself or an ally, if they are still below 50% Health, their Health Recovery is increased by 925 for 10 seconds.
Set name: The Troll King
Set type: Monster Set
Style: Undaunted
Location: Blessed Crucible
Material obtained after disassembly:
  • material

Available gear: Heavy Armor Medium Armor Light Armor
gear_undauntedtroll_head_a gear_undauntedtroll_shoulders_a gear_undauntedtroll_head_a gear_undauntedtroll_shoulders_a gear_undauntedtroll_head_a gear_undauntedtroll_shoulders_a

How to obtain The Troll King gear

PvP monster set always consists of 2 pieces: helmet and shoulder.

In order to obtain the helmet you need to kill last boss of veteran dungeon. Drop is guaranteed and hard mode isn't necessary. The shoulder can be obtained from Undaunted Coffers which can be bought for undaunted keys from Undaunted Pledge Masters. Drop is random, you can acquire one of monster set shoulder listed in description of each Monster Coffer.

Within two hours, items obtained in the dungeon can be transferred between players who were in a group during the run (excepts personal quest rewards).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does The Troll King work in nonCP?

This set seems doesn't work in nonCP.

Which DLC is needed in order to obtain The Troll King set?

You don't need DLC's because this set is part of base game.

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