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Silks of the Sun

Silks of the Sun set icon Silks of the Sun
(2 items) Adds 657 Critical Chance
(3 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
(4 items) Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
(5 items) Adds 400 Weapon and Spell Damage to your Flame Damage abilities.
Set name: Silks of the Sun
Set type: Overland
Style: Breton
Location: Stonefalls
Material obtained after disassembly:
  • Molybdenum material

Available gear: Light Armor Jewelry Weapon
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How to obtain Silks of the Sun gear

Silks of the Sun is an overland set which can be found in "Stonefalls". Follow the next rules to obtain the gear:
  • Waists and boot are drop from a bosses in delves and ???
  • Head, chest, legs and weapons are drop from an overland bosses
  • Rings and necklaces are drop from a dark anchors or similar events

Also treasure chests can contain any part of the gear (the value and volume of the contents of the chest is determined by the complexity of its lock).

Note: usually there are several sets in the same location. Set from which gear will drop is random for all sources.

All gear from «Silks of the Sun» can be bought from guild traders.

Additional way to obtain gear from overland sets is regional gear trader located in Cyrodiil on each alliance's base. You can purchase the container with random gear for Alliance Point. There are separate containers for each location.

Unique items from Silks of the Sun set:

Telvanni Spellhood
Light Armor (Infused)
Quest Reward : What Was Done Must Be Undone
This hood was woven with the finest silks of Vvardenfell.
Telvanni Warsash
Light Armor (Infused)
Quest Reward : The Brothers Will Rise
It's said that a traitor within House Telvanni was choked by this sash.
Redoran Archmage's Robes
Light Armor (Impenetrable)
Quest Reward : Restoring Order
House Redoran invested a great deal of gold to weave these fine robes.
Mota Fang
Dagger (Charged)
Quest Reward : A Storm Broken
This dagger was made from the actual fang of a great Shadowfen serpent.
Indoril Pyrostaff
Fire Staff (Defending)
Quest Reward : City Under Siege
Legend says this staff was once used to smite an Akaviri Warlord.
Shadowsilk Headwrap of the Sun
Light Armor (Invigorating)
Unique Drop : Gozzak
Smells vaguely of the cabbage eaten by Goblins in Mephala's Nest.
Oodegu's Flamestick of the Sun
Fire Staff (Defending)
Unique Drop : Oodegu
Burnt and pitted from close-up combat in the depths of Hightide Hollow.
Lionbanner Buckler of the Sun
Shield (Infused)
Unique Drop : Dugrul
Scarred from battle, taken from the commander in Softloam Cavern.
Ancestor's Kilt of the Sun
Light Armor (Well-fitted)
Unique Drop : Ulath Ancestor
Blessed by the tribe's wise woman in the Cave of Memories.
Sedura Morag
Two Handed Hammer (Powered)
Quest Reward : Sadal's Final Defeat
Also known as 'the Unleashed Exalted Hammer,' this hammer was forged using a great bonespur of the Brother of Strife, Sadal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Silks of the Sun work in nonCP?

This set fully works in nonCP as mentioned by ZOS.

Which DLC is needed in order to obtain Silks of the Sun set?

You don't need DLC's because this set is part of base game.

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Silks of the Sun set icon Silks of the Sun
(2 items) Adds 657 Critical Chance
(3 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
(4 items) Adds 129 Weapon and Spell Damage
(5 items) Adds 400 Weapon and Spell Damage to your Flame Damage abilities.