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Brands of Imperium

Brands of Imperium set icon Brands of Imperium
(2 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(3 items) Adds 1206 Maximum Health
(4 items) Adds 4% Healing Taken
(5 items) When you take damage, you grant you and your group members within 8 meters a damage shield that absorbs 5630 damage for 6 seconds. This effect can occur once every 12 seconds.
Set name: Brands of Imperium
DLC: Imperial City
Set type: Dungeon
Style: Xivkyn
Location: White-Gold Tower
Material obtained after disassembly:
  • Charcoal of Remorse material

Available gear: Heavy Armor Jewelry Weapon
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How to obtain Brands of Imperium gear

Brands of Imperium drops in White-Gold Tower.

Rules for obtaining the gear are follow:
  • Body gear drops from any intermediate boss.
  • Jewelry and weapon drop from a final boss.
  • Any gear of respective sets can drop from treasure chest.

There are secret bosses in particular dungeons with different drop. Also any mob in dungeon has very little chance to drop any gear from respective sets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Brands of Imperium work in nonCP?

This set seems doesn't work in nonCP.

Which DLC is needed in order to obtain Brands of Imperium set?

«Brands of Imperium» set is a part of «Imperial City» DLC.

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(3 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
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